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About the Web page

The Web page I made is for the upcoming sequel of the movie "The Lion King", "The Lion King II - Simba's Pride". The page is at a test phase and so excuse me for the errors or the imperfections you'll find. The creation of a web page is NOT an easy task and it's harder for the people, like me, who don't know the secrets of the HTML code. The page will be updated and it will get better from time to time.

This is my second attempt to make a Web page about something. I'm experimenting all time to find a way of making better pages. It's not only the HTML code I'll have to learn, but it's the way too of organising the stuff I have for the page. I don't have much free time for the page now. When I get the movie there will come something more than that you see now. s It will be updated somewhere in November .

So wander around and tell me what you think or report me, when you find a problem in the page with your browser. I recommend you to have the Opera browser. Lets give other companies a chance too! Generally, I'm a Netscape supporter. Not that Netscape is innocent, but I choose them rather than Microsoft and their Internet Explorer products! But I'm forced, unfortunately, to have Windows 95 for compatibility.