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Apple Quicktime 3 is required to play the sounds! If you don't have it get it! The sounds were captured and converted by me personally. It took me a really long time to succeed it, so please do not link or take them in your page without asking me first.

All the sounds are in High Quality AIFF format (44.100 Hz 16-bit stereo).

Hear the instrumental music  from "The Lion King" CD sound track. The music files have superb quality for their file size!
Of course they're for preview only. You should buy the CD to own them legally. If you really want to hear and own them for free, here's a good MP3 search engine.

This Land. 2:53 minutes. 682 KB.

...To Die For. 4:16 minutes. 995 KB

Under the Stars. 3:42 minutes. 872 KB

King of Pride Rock. 5:56 minutes. 1.3 MB

There are dialogs, which were cut from the final version of the film. I could add them too, but I think its better to visit Kese's the Outlands page to get  them. Here are sounds only from the final movie.

Who are you, Pridelander?" 40 KB.

What are you doing...Run!" 117 KB.

Kovu and Kiara try to escape from the crocodiles.241 KB.

"We make such a good team...I'm Kiara". 82 KB.

"Zira...Your Pridelands?" 92 KB.

"These lands belonged to Scar!...get out!" 54 KB.

"Oh.. haven't you met my son, Kovu?...and become King!" 52 KB.

"Kovu was the last born...your pound of!" 95 KB.

"Oh no, Simba...we have barely begun!" 78 KB.

"Kovu, Kovu, by the... okay!" 297 KB.

"Hey Kovu. You wanna... fight?" 37 KB.

"You were supposed to be watching him!" 19.5 KB.

"It's not his fault!...that made Scar so...powerful!" 196 KB.

"Yecch!" 29 KB.

"Ugh. The "chosen one"." 25 KB.

"You are ready!...I must kill him!" 146 KB.

"This place is even creepier...Fire!" <-strange echo effects. 195 KB.

"Lets light fire!...come!" 132 KB.

"The plan is in motion. Go!" 53 KB.

Kiara escapes from the fire. 241 KB.

"Did you see that?...And once he has Simba alone..." 107 KB.

"Get him!...Kovu cannot betray us!" 88 KB.

Nuka's death. 582 KB.

"Scar...Watch over my poor Nuka...I want nothing more to do with him!" 190 KB.

"You cannot escape it! force!" 150 KB.

The final battle is ready to begin. 169 KB.

"Its over, Simba!..Attack!" 77 KB.

The final battle begins. 159 KB.

"Go for the eyes!...Do what you must!" 60 KB.

"Where's your pretty daughter, Nala? Vitani!" 87 KB.

"'re mine!" 59 KB.

Kovu and Kiara stop the battle. 174 KB.

"!...Enough!" 78 KB.

"If you will not fight...This is for you, Scar!115 KB.

Zira's epilogue? 319 KB.

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