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14 January 1999. Well, removed the Christmas wishes and made a few corrections. More coming at the next update.

14 December 1998. Added frames for easier navigating. And some preview songs from the CD "The Lion King".And tons of new sounds!.

20 November 1998. Completely new design. Added videos, sounds, images, drawings, new links, the video game. More updates are coming soon.

18 October 1998- Nothing new. The Guest book was removed.There will come more in the next update.

22 August 1998- Added new interface for compatibility. Added some new photos from cats and wild cats. I became an Opera browser fan.

14 August 1998- Added sounds and a new title.

12 August 1998- Better quality in the images in the pop-up window.Added Sounds section. Added a Guest book. Added more JavaScript in the Videos, Links and About me section. Made some typing corrections

11 August 1998- Added Javascript in the main page and the applications page. The page was separated into more parts.

9 August 1998-Creation of the page