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Here you can download the ROM "The Lion King" for the Super NES.

The game is a little old but it remains one of the classic platform games. You take the role of Simba who must pass through many obstacles like hyenas, chameleons, bugs, hedgehogs, spiders etc. in order to defend his kingdom from Scar. The game has 10 levels. In the first 6 Simba is a cub and he can jump, roar, stamp and crawl at his opponents. Later he grows up and becomes an adult. As an adult he gets two extra moves. He can slash and throw for his opponents. But the game is getting more difficult from level to level. For the beginners it will be difficult to end.

I've got some screen shots. If you're a Lion King fan you should give the game a look. You'll find some of the Lion King atmosphere as you play it.

The Lion King

Go to the link above to proceed downloading. File size is 2.1 MB

Of course you'll need an emulator to play it. Try two of the best emulators, ZSNES and SNES9X

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