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Info about me and the web page.

Hello to the people who want to know who I am and why I've done the Outlands page.

First of all let me tell my name. I'm Petros Markou and I'm from Greece. Petros is "Peter" in English. I'm 19 years old. I'm a student in a School of Fine Arts. In the autumn of 1999 I'll go to France to continue my studies there. My hobbies are drawing, video editing, basketball, soccer and of course my computer. I've installed many programs in that machine. And I spend my time in learning some of them.

You can visit Astalavista to get the cracks for some programs you would like to have, without the 30-days shareware limit. This is illegal, but if I were good I would have made a page about the Pride Lands. But hey, I'm not a professional and I'm not using the full features of the programs either. I've also some ROM game files. If you want to know what ROMs are, visiting the House of ROMS would be a good start.

So, you wonder why I've done a page about the Outlands. Well, the answer is that I like them. When I saw the movie "The Lion King II-Simba's Pride", my whole interest went to the dark side. Like in the first movie, "The Lion King", the villains are those who are more intelligent, but every time they are being beaten by the good side. No matter what brilliant plan they have in mind. If you've seen Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, you'll see what I mean.

I'm one of those who admire the dark side, because of their inventiveness. Besides, if everything's good and well going you wont understand it, when you don't see the other side, that of misfortune, marginalization, unhappiness and the continuing trial to succeed in what you've planned.

Zira, Nuka and Vitani are like Scar and the hyenas. They want to have something they deserve and they dedicate even their lives for that. That's what impresses me in them. And I put in second place their character animation and the actors behind them, although they're very important too. For me the trial plays the biggest role.

And I say in the end that I found "Simba's Pride" better than "The Lion King"in the television version. But in the cinema "The Lion King" simply can't be compared with it, because "Simba's Pride" has been made for television only. But "The Lion King" is the best animation movie I've seen in the cinema.

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