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Set for release direct to video on October 27, 1998, the sequel to The Lion King has been confirmed with several preview clips released so far. The release will be direct-to-video, in a 4:3 TV aspect ratio.

Plot synopsis as reported in the Disney Catalog:

"The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, Disney's sequel to The Lion King, continues the saga of Simba as he teaches his daughter, Kiara, the meaning of the Circle of Life. The adventure begins when Kiara sneaks away from he inept baby sitters Timon and Pumbaa, and ends up in the forbidden Outlands. Zira, former mate of Scar, spies Kiara playing with a cub named Kovu. The tale unfolds as Kiara and Kovu fall in love and battle the forces of evil and take their place alongside Simba and Nala in the Pride Lands."

More plot info, from material accompanying SP merchandise:
"As a dark storm brews over the Savannah, the mystical Rafiki communicates with the spirit of Mufasa. We learn that after becoming king, Simba exiled all lions loyal to Scar to the desolate Outlands. A dangerous rift has developed between Simba's Pride and these Outlanders, led by Scar's murderous widow Zira. Rafiki learns that only one lion can heal this wound-- Simba's newborn daughter, Kiara...

"Following her heart, Kiara runs away from Pride Rock to join Kovu in the wild, hoping to find a place far away where they can be together. At night Kiara is visited by the spirit of Mufasa, who reminds Kiara of her obligation to her pride and her role in the circle of life. Kiara convinces Kovu that they must return to Pride Rock. Thier love is the only chance to stop the destructive war..."

Details on casting are still based on hearsay, but the following list will be updated as new information becomes available:

Simba: Matthew Broderick
Cam Clarke (singing)
Nala: Moira Kelly
Young Kiara: Lacey Chabert
Adult Kiara: Neve Campbell
Kimberly Scott (singing)
Young Kovu: Adam Wylie
Adult Kovu: Jason Marsden
Timon: Nathan Lane
Pumbaa: Ernie Sabella
Zazu: Edward Hibbert
Rafiki: Robert Guillaume
Zira: Suzanne Pleshette
Kathleen Turner (singing)
Vitani: Jennifer Lien
Nuka: Andy Dick